How To Shop On Our Store

1 – Sign Up for an Account:

Click on “Account” at the top of the screen

If you are buying or visiting for the first time, register an account. You only have to do this once. In future you can simply log-in on the left.

Click on shipping and billing addresses to enter your billing and shipping addresses.

Double-check to see if you have captured the correct addresses, edit if necessary. You have now completed registering your account.

2 – Start Shopping:

You can start your shopping by clicking:
“Shop” – all products are listed in the shop
“Our Brands” – You can shop by brand. Click on the dropdown to find the brand you want to shop.
“Books….Clothes” – You can shop by category if you are looking for particular items.

Once you are done shopping all your selected items will be found in your cart. If you have a discount coupon, you can input it here and click “update Cart”

Below cart totals you can select your shipping method. Remember that if your cart includes a large item that cannot fit into a PAXI bag, the ‘Pick up at a PEP Store’ option will not be available, your only option will be courier. Click “Proceed to Checkout” once you have selected your shipping method.

If you select the ‘Pick up at PEP’ option, remember to pick your PAXI pickup point from the drop-down list. If your PEP doesn’t appear on the list simple write the name of the store in the notes section.

If your billing and shipping address are the same, you can uncheck the box next to “Ship to a different address?” If your PAXI Point was not available in the list drop-down list above, you can enter it in the notes section. You can also use the notes to inform us of any additional information we need to know regarding your order.

Once you are happy with all the details of your order you can proceed to make payment. If you have a South Eden gift card you can enter the card details here to use your gift card for payment. To pay with your bank, click on “Place Order”

3 – Make your Payment:

Once you click on “Place Order” you will be redirected to the PayFast page to execute your payment. Payments made by PayFast are secure and encrypted. On the page, proceed to select your payment method. For purposes of this tutorial we will use an Instant EFT payment. (If you select to pay by Credit/cheque card or Masterpass, simply follow the prompts that appear on the screen)

Choose your South African Bank.

Enter your account details. Open your bank app on your smart phone and confirm the payment.

You will receive a message confirming the success of your payment.

You will be returned to the South Eden page where you will get a message confirming that your order has been received. You will also receive a confirmation by email.

Please double-check your order summary, to check that all the details of your order are accurate. If you have made any mistakes, please get in contact with us immediately so we can update your order.

– If you chose PEP for delivery – You will receive a message once your order is ready for collection at your selected PEP store.
– If you chose courier for delivery – You will receive a message letting you know when to expect delivery.

Thank you and happy shopping. If you have any questions or require assistance placing an order, please contact us on 076 994 7169 or email