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Colema Board & Accessories

The Colema Board is a safe and effective way to cleanse the burdened colon. By introducing water into the colon through the rectum by way of gentle gravity pressure, the waste matter is evacuated all while you are comfortably lying on the board, without the need to move.

– Softens and relieves the colon of sickness-causing compacted, putrefied faecal matter
– More thorough than standard enema buckets okuchatha / okucima / tsahopeita
– Increased effectiveness by allowing you to lie comfortably in one position throughout the session
– Administered privately in the comfort of your own home


This Colema Combined Kit contains all the items found in the Board & Accessories, including supplements for the 7-Day Program.

Pro-32 Probiotics – 250 ml liquid
Intestinal Cleanser – 300g tub
Herbal Laxative (Alfalfa & Aloe) – 30 caps
Bentonite – 1 Lt liquid
Green Gem Chlorella – 200 tabs
Rose Hip & Vit C – 30 tabs
Calphonite – 500 ml liquid Calcium
Nicotinamide – 30 caps
Kelp – 30 caps
Lin/Flax Seed – 100g
Apple Cider Vinegar – 375ml
Alfalfa – 60 caps
D-Oxy – 50ml
Honey 335g
7 Day Instructional Manual

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