Atonement and Repentance by Ben Ammi

Chapter 5 from God and the Law of Relativity


For the layman, the law of relativity is virtually indecipherable and inapplicable as a theory of modern science. However, Ben Ammi’s God and the Law of Relativity is a profoundly simple equation. The law of relativity elucidates the fundamental connection between every thought, work, or activity committed by man – whether positive or negative – and the unavoidable consequences. There is a righteous and unrighteous manner to manifest every thought; a right and a wrong way to do everything. This simple law calculates the end of every act of man, even before it is concluded; and in the sense that every man must meet the destiny of his works, the law of relativity becomes the law of responsibility.


Softcover: 40 pages
Published: February, 2015

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